Will renters insurance cover my possessions if they are stolen from my car?

Renter’s insurance safeguards you against the loss of your personal possessions in your home, including items like clothing, appliances, and furniture. The cost of a renter’s insurance policy is relatively inexpensive because you aren’t paying to insure the building or property. It would be difficult for most people to replace all of their possessions out of pocket in the event of a fire or other occurrence. If you are in Loganville or Monroe, GA and don’t already have a renter’s insurance policy, you can contact our representatives at Bryant Insurance to see if a policy would help meet your current needs.

What if my car was broken into?

But what happens if you left something valuable in your car, and they are stolen while left there? Or what if you are moving your possessions from your old home to a new home, and they are damaged while in transit? Your auto insurance policy is unlikely to have a clause which covers personal property.

Luckily, your items should be protected under your renter’s insurance policy even if the loss occurs somewhere else. Renter’s insurance covers losses that occur off-premises, whether they occurred in your vehicle, in a storage unit, or at another location. However, there may be a limit to how much your policy will pay for losses that do not occur on your premises. You should look at your policy carefully to make sure that the limits meet the needs.

If you are interested in purchasing renters insurance in Loganville or Monroe, GA, or if your current policy is not meeting all your needs, please feel free to call Bryant Insurance today. Our agents are ready to answer your questions and help you get started on a policy.

How To Find Classic Car Insurance

Whether it is dazzling crowds as part of a car show or parked in a garage undergoing some restoration, a classic car is more than just a vehicle; it is your treasure. Because of this, an ordinary car insurance policy won’t suffice.

Protecting your Classic Car in Georgia

If you’re a part of the Monroe, GA community, Bryant Insurance agency can help you get classic car insurance that will help protect your ride.

Your first step in getting classic car insurance is to locate insurance companies in your area that provide coverage for classic cars. A regular insurance company will give you a quote from standard automobile insurance which is probably more expensive. If you can locate a company that provides coverage for classic cars, then you can get better and more accurate rates.

Another thing worth noting about classic car insurance is that some companies allow for flexible coverage which will help to save you some money. With standard policies, you can usually get a discount only if you’re a low mileage driver. With classic car insurance, you can create the policy that’ll fit your needs.

You can also drive down the risk of making a claim for your classic car insurance policy by keeping the vehicle safe at all times. Because classic cars aren’t always seen on the road, there isn’t necessarily a high degree of theft towards them. However, insurance companies will usually award you lower rates if you safeguard your car from theft. You can achieve this by keeping the classic automobile parked in a garage away from public eye. If for some reason you decide to park outside, ensure that you have a wheel lock and an alarm to help protect your car whenever it is unattended for extended time periods.

If you’re living in Bethlehem or Monroe, GA, and need a classic car insurance policy that works for you, try Bryant Insurance. We can help with your insurance needs.


Can Umbrella Insurance Help in the Case of a Flood

Umbrella insurance is a funny thing, it can help in a wide range of situations, but there are just as many cases in which it does not do all that much for the policyholder. The key is to find an umbrella policy that is going to help keep you covered in all instances. For those in the Loganville or Monroe, GA area, the agents with Bryant Insurance can help you determine what sort of umbrella policy is going to work best for you.

Just like with standard insurance, a flood is not something that is often covered by umbrella policies unless explicitly stated. If you have a blanket policy that covers your car and your home, odds are unless you specifically mention flood or unless you take out a policy that is specifically geared toward flood, this type of coverage is not going to pay out. For those that live in flood-prone areas and feel that they are at risk of dealing with a flood, odds are you should work on taking out a specific policy that is made for floods.

It is hit or miss as to whether or not an umbrella policy is going to cover you, it is always easier to get an insurance company to pay out on a flood specific coverage than it is to get them to pay out on a blanket policy. For those that want to be covered for flood, a supplemental policy that is made to tack onto your home insurance is going to be far more comprehensive and far more beneficial than a policy that may or may not help in times of great need.

For those in the Loganville or Monroe, GA area, the agents with Bryant Insurance can help you find the policy that works for you.  

How to Keep Your Driveway From Becoming a Slipping or Tripping Hazard

Your home insurance provides you with coverage if someone were to slip and fall or trip and fall on your property. However, it is best that you properly maintain your surfaces to prevent someone from slipping or tripping in the first place. Here are a few tips from Bryant Insurance, serving the greater Monroe, GA area, on how to keep your driveway from becoming a slipping or tripping hazard. 

Fix Any Cracks

If there are any cracks in your concrete or asphalt driveway, take the time to have them filled. Cracks can grow and become uneven if they are not tended to. This can become a tripping hazard. Properly maintaining the surface helps to prevent trips and falls, while also extending the lifespan of your driveway. 

Put Down Salt to Melt Ice

When it is freezing outside, put down salt to help melt ice on your driveway. An icy driveway is a huge slip and fall hazard. Salting the driveway helps to melt the ice and adds traction to the surface, minimizing the risk of someone slipping and falling. 

Clean Mildew From the Surface

The last tip for keeping your driveway from becoming a slipping hazard is to clean any mildew from your concrete surface as soon as it is noticed. Mildew can grow quickly and will become slippery when wet. If someone steps on it, they may fall immediately. Cleaning helps to remove this risk. 

Despite your best efforts, you cannot prevent all accidents around your home. This is why having the right home insurance policy is important. If you are looking for a new policy in the greater Monroe, GA area, contact Bryant Insurance today. We can help ensure you have the right coverage and coverage amounts on your home. 

How do pets impact my renters insurance?

Countless studies have been conducted proving that pets improve the quality of life. Pets are part of our family and we share our lives with them. It also holds true that we also share our living space. 

If you rent your home and have renters insurance, your pet could potentially have an impact on your current policy and what is covered. To better understand the complications pets may have on renters insurance, the experts at Bryant Insurance, serving the residents of Monroe, GA, and the surrounding areas, have put together a short description of the ways pets can impact your insurance.

Pets and your Renters Insurance

One of the most common questions asked is if pet damage is covered under renters insurance. The answer is, "no." Because the purpose of renters insurance is to cover accidental damage that is caused by fire or storms, for example, the damage that your pet has caused would be the sole responsibility of the policyholder in most instances. 

What about the damage that your pet may cause to people? 

This is where things can get tricky. While rare, cats can inflict injury on people and most likely this will be covered. Dogs, on the other hand, can be a bit more challenging. Unfortunately, depending on the insurance policy and the type of breed the dog is, the injury may or may not be covered. Certain breeds of dogs can be labeled as more prone to bodily injury than others, and as such, have adjustments within the renter’s insurance policy.

If you need more information about how your dog could be impacting your renters insurance, feel free to reach out to the professionals at Bryant Insurance. Proudly serving Monroe, GA and the surrounding areas, we would be happy to walk you through your current renters insurance policy and examine a list of dog breeds that the restrictions may apply. If you are in need of new renters insurance, we would love to help. We are always taking on new clients and would be honored with the privilege to serve you today. 

How is the Value Determined for Classic Car Insurance?

If you own a classic car that has been restored, you may be looking to purchase classic car insurance in the greater Monroe, GA area. But one of the questions that we at Bryant Insurance are often asked is how the value is determined for these cars. Obviously, you cannot go by Blue Book Value. Here are a couple of the ways that values are determined when obtaining classic car insurance. 

What Similar Cars Have Sold For

One of the elements that are used in valuing classic cars is what similar cars have sold for. As such, the insurance agent will look to see if any classic cars have sold recently that are in the same condition as yours. While a classic car may have sentimental value, it is only worth what someone else will pay for it, and looking at recent sales is a good way to gage that. 

What an Expert Appraises the Car For

Another way the value is determined for classic cars is by using an expert. A classic car appraiser will determine how rare the car is, the condition, and how much money you have put into restoring the car. They can then give the insurance company an estimate as to what the car is worth. The appraiser’s estimate is typically used to value the vehicle. However, classic car prices change often. As such, you should have an appraisal done every five or so years to ensure the value is correct. 

If you have a classic car and are in the market for classic car insurance in the greater Monroe, GA area and around the state of Georgia, call Bryant Insurance. We can help determine fair market value for your classic car and then put together an insurance policy that fully covers your vehicle. Call us now to schedule an appointment to sit down and discuss your insurance needs. 

What Will Umbrella Insurance Cover?

If you’re considering Bryant Insurance for an umbrella plan, you’ll want to have a solid understanding of what an umbrella policy covers.

It’s a common misconception that you can use an umbrella plan as a foundation for your entire insurance package. In fact, it’s more like, as the name implies, a rainy-day policy. It’s supplemental insurance. It does not replace your house, your boat, or your car insurance policies, rather, it offers them backup when they need it. When your auto insurance maxes out, this is when your umbrella policy kicks in.

The major benefit of umbrella insurance is that with one policy, you are essentially buying a considerable boost to most of your existing coverage. No shopping around for better deals on auto, home, and business coverage. You make one purchase, and you have a little something extra to cover everything. If you have to make a major claim on your auto insurance, you’re covered by the same policy that will protect you in the event of a house fire.

An umbrella policy covers all of your basic needs, meaning home, auto, damages, and personal liability. It does not, however, cover you against business liability claims, and this includes a businesses ran out of the garage. You will need an extra policy for that, or a big red "KEEP OUT" sign above your office door, at the very least. Umbrella insurance typically does not cover specialty needs in Monroe, GA, either. If you have an exotic pet or handmade Italian sports car, you’ll need specialty policies for those concerns.

Umbrella is not an all in one solution to your insurance needs, but it’s a great backup plan. Contact the agents at Bryant Insurance in Monroe, GA to learn more about the benefits of umbrella insurance and how a policy can extend your coverage.

Are Damages From Pests Covered by Your Home Insurance Policy?

The agents at Bryant Insurance cater to the insurance needs of the residents in Loganville, Bethlehem, and Monroe, GA as well as the nearby surrounding areas. We want to be an asset to you as you consider which company to assist you with protecting one of your greatest assets – your home. 

It is critical to have a thorough home inspection before you buy your home to ascertain if there has been some damage done by termites or other pests who feed off of the structure of your home. Don’t overlook this important point as you rush to close. Once you have purchased the home you will not be able to go back in time to possibly negotiate a lower price on the home to help in the repair of damage that is there or have the homeowner make necessary repairs prior to purchase. 

As you consider whether or not damages by pests will be covered by your home insurance policy, the answer is contingent upon when the damage was incurred. If the damage was incurred before you purchased the home, it will not be covered by a policy that was not in force at the time of damage. It is important to know that not every insurance company will include this type of coverage in their policies and talking with an agent is important to find out. Exterminators and other experts in the field will have to give an estimate of when the infestation began. This can be determined by the level of damage and the stages of life the pests are currently at upon the inspection.  

Today sounds like the best time to have an agent at Bryant Insurance, located in Monroe, GA, review your current home insurance policy with you. The warmer weather is the time that many critters make their attack on your home. You want to make certain you are covered if damages to the structure of the home occur due to their presence. Reach out to us and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Can a Landlord Require You To Get Renter’s Insurance?

If you are looking to rent a home in the Monroe, GA area, you may notice that some landlords and property management companies state that renter’s insurance is required to obtain a lease with their company. This may leave you wondering if a landlord can legally require you to obtain renter’s insurance. Here is some information Bryant Insurance thinks you should know.

A landlord or property management company can require you to obtain renter’s insurance. However, it must be included in your lease. If a lease is already in place that does not have this requirement, they cannot require it after the fact. Additionally, some companies may require you to obtain renter’s insurance that covers a dog or pet if you are asking for permission to get an animal and keep it on your premises.

If your landlord does not require you to obtain renter’s insurance, it is still a great idea to get it. If something happens to the house, such as a flood or fire, your belongings are not covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy because you are not the homeowner. A renter’s insurance contract will cover all of your belongings in the event of fire, flood, or theft on the property. Getting this type of policy is the best way to ensure your valuables are protected when you are renting a home. Don’t make the mistake of thinking homeowner’s insurance covers your belongings because this is not the case.

Are you interested in obtaining renter’s insurance? Then Bryant Insurance, serving the greater Monroe, GA area would love to help you. Call us today to get a pricing quote or to discuss all of your insurance needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Does Your Insurance Go Up In Winter States?

If you live in Monroe, GA, you haven’t likely experienced a lot of winter weather. However, if you plan on moving out of the area to a winter state, you could end up paying a little more for your insurance. How? That’s the question that we at Bryant Insurance are here to answer.

Rates Don’t Go Up In Winter States

One thing that is nice for those who live in winter states is that their rates don’t automatically go up just because they live in a state heavily affected by winter. While rates may be slightly higher in general in these states, somebody moving to the area isn’t likely to see a major increase.

The biggest problem of moving to a state with a heavy winter is that you may be unprepared for the weather conditions and suffer from accidents that can increase your insurance investment.

The Risk of Serious Car Damage Could Increase Costs

The biggest effect that winter weather will have on your insurance is to increase your risk of accidents. A vast majority of serious car accidents occur during adverse weather conditions, and if you are new to this kind of weather, you may find yourself getting into serious crashes.

When these crashes occur, your insurance is likely to go up as a way of compensating for the costs. This is especially true if you suffer from excessive numbers of fender benders or require a tow. Currently, only Alabama does not allow cancellation or increase of insurance due to winter weather.

So if you are moving out of Monroe, GA and are worried about how winter weather could affect your insurance, please contact us at Bryant Insurance today. We can help wave your worries and find you fair insurance for your winter driving needs. Give us a call or visit our offices today.